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Ashford Solutions LLC
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Free 30 minute consultation!

Speak with a developer to:

  • Examine your data acquisition\control requirements.
  • Discuss critical elements you may be concerned.
  • Explore acquisition hardware alternatives.
  • Help you define instrumentation requirements.
  • Discuss LabVIEW or other application frameworks.
  • Discuss how we can help you make it happen.

Additional live support or development available for a low hourly fee.

Click here to contact us.

National Instruments Certified Developers on staff and available to help.

Minimize production costs with
     customized testing solutions.

There are many solutions that we have created in the past and may draw upon to build your solution. Some of these include:

  • Test Automation and Control
  • Multi-Channel Real Time Data Acquisition
  • High performance, High Channel count systems (See Recent Projects)
  • Custom Embedded Control Systems
  • Custom Test Management Software Development
  • Test Metrics, Tracking, Logging
  • Statistical Process Control, Real Time Charting systems
  • Industrial Control – PLC based systems migration or Replacement
  • Vision and Image Recognition for Manufacturing Automation
  • Wired and Wireless Application Control (including Android Tablet Based Control)

There are no better tools than knowledge and experience so we continue to build upon what we know and to learn as technology changes. We think this helps us serve you better and to be able to provide you the best solutions.

Take a peek at solutions we have designed and developed:

Click an image below for more details.

Certification Matters

Ashford Solutions LLC
Aloha, Oregon 97078-2468
Phone: 503-217-2370
Email: Louis@AshfordSolutions.com


National Instruments CLD

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